Massive23 GT Massive23 GT Massive23 GT Massive23 GT Massive23 GT Massive23 GT Massive23 GT
Massive23 GT

Massive23 GT


Supports laptop size from 10” ~ 17”

- Supports laptop size from 10” ~ 17”
- One mini-USB and dual USB ports
- 200mm red LED fan
- Fan speed control knob (500~800 RPM)
- Five different angles adjustment
- Anti-Slip rubber design
- Black metal mesh stylish design
- Ergonomic angle design

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P/N CLN0019
Dimensions 352 x 293.1 x 41.4 mm
Fan Dimension 200x20 mm
중량 907g
재질 Plastic with Metal Mesh
Rated Current 0.39A
Rated Voltage 5V
Fan Speed 500~800 RPM
Noise Max. 24dBA
Air Flow 63.2CFM
Air Pressure 0.46 mmH2O
Hardware Look

The Thermaltake Massive23 GT notebook cooler is used for laptops but can also be used for iPad’s as well which is good news for you. Now let’s sum up the Massive23 GT. I think the cooler is designed well, it has been kept nice and simple which makes it a fuss free piece of kit.



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Summed a little up, we can safely say stylish appearance that stands Thermaltake Massive23 GT fits well with the interior of any gamer, and ergonomic design makes it easy to use and pleasant, and most importantly - effective.

Extreme Computing

If you plan to keep this on a desk or table then this is the device for you, you will be delighted with the cooling performance and ease of use not to mention the secure feet and lift up back stop flaps to perfectly secure your device


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