Massive23 LX Massive23 LX Massive23 LX Massive23 LX Massive23 LX Massive23 LX Massive23 LX
Massive23 LX

Massive23 LX


- Ergonomic angle design
- 2 USB ports, USB powered
- 230mm Blue LED fan
- Fan On/Off control switch
- Black metal mesh stylish design
- USB Cable storage drawer
- Anti-slip Rubber
- Supports laptop size from 10" ~ 17"

추가 정보
P/N CLN0015
Compatibility For 10”~17” Notebook
Dimensions 376 x 300 x 51.5 mm
Fan Dimension 200x20 mm
중량 900 g
재질 Aluminum and Plastic
Rated Voltage 5V
Fan Speed 600± 10% R.P.M
Noise 17 dBA
Air Flow 54.6 CFM
Air Pressure 0.32 mmH2O

This Massive23 LX from ThermalTake is a good innovation. It's a combination between a beautifully glowing LED fan and good flowing with its design and aluminum material doesn't only look good but also keeps cooling the surface. I awarded this product "Must Have!" for these of reasons.


The Massive23 LX seems to do a good job at keeping things cool. The fan is silent so you really won’t have to ever turn it off. The design combination of the aluminum and the fan work together to keep things running cool without the need for the built-in fans to come on.

BCC Hardware
The Massive23 LX does exactly what it's supposed to do - cool down your laptop.  I use my T410 as my main workstation and it sits in a pretty fancy dock that allows me a bunch of extra USB connections, eSATA ports, 2 Display Ports, 2 DVI ports and a lot more.  <More>
Hardware Bistro

Choosing a right notebook cooler is able to improve the components temperature and Thermaltake Massive 23LX is not only a well-design notebook cooler but also come with affordable price. If you are looking for a suitable notebook cooler then Thermaltake Massive 23LX is one of the good choices.


I think Thermaltake has struck the right balance between performance and portability here. At the same time, they made it look good. The clean lines, smooth feel, and usability make this cooler a pleasure to use and a great addition to a mobile office. At under $30 it is reasonably priced for those who might be looking to get a laptop cooler.

PC Ekspert

After a period of adjustment, we found it comfortable to work with but still just a bit odd. All in all we think that 23 LX is a valuable addition which can prolonge the life of your notebook, and even lower the noise emission of notebooks cooling system.

Noticias 3D
The main advantage of Massive23 LX that features dual USB so you do not lose a port of your laptop to use the base as well as the two buttons to stop the fan or the LEDs if necessary. On  main advantage of the Massive23 LX is the dual USB connector, so you do not lose a port of your laptop. <More>
Thermaltake's Massive 23 achieves the balance between price and performance, a feat difficult especially when dealing with widescreen notebooks. The massive fan reduces temperature effectively, while gaining the silence benefit by using the larger diameter form. <More>
Virtual Hideout
I can whole-heartedly recommend this to anyone, both casual, editor or gamer, looking for a new notebook cooler that can be moved with ease, but still packs the cooling punch and good looks needed. <More>
PC Labs

- Chic outlook
- 23cm LED fan can generate sufficient air flow and contributes to a good cooling performance.
- 2 separate button for fan and LED power on/off
- 23cm fan works quietly
- The rubber foot on the surface and bottom make laptops stay stably no matter you’re using it on desktop or on your lap.


Level 10 GT can be great stuff to components and cable management is well regulated. There is generally more than enough space, just pierce the eight-pin power cable may be difficult. Our SSD did not always contact with the backplane, making it a few times after the drive was not detected in the system tray was pushed.

The temperatures of the components remain in the low position of the fan controller all nicely under control. The high setting is really only interesting for the passively cooled video card, the system temperature drops barely more airflow and decrease the CPU temperature is of course especially on the active CPU cooler thanks. The increase in sound justifies the slight increase in cooling capacity, therefore, hardly.

The build quality is excellent, sharp edges, the GT and the black sprayed inside makes a nice impression. The features are also perfectly fine, only the relatively low maximum of five hard drives can be called a downside.

That leaves just the price of: Thermaltake Level 10 GT with its price tag of 250 euro is not exactly cheap. He is certainly much cheaper than the exclusive level 10, but on the other hand, the GT is not very unusual: the design is reminiscent of that of the Level 10, but there the similarity does with it. Yet the GT is a solid built body that performs well and the buyer will make rare problems.


-Excellent Human Engineering
-Quality Construction
-Useful Additions


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